Me Time Inspiration: Holiday Gift Shopping

Sometimes we just need to take some “me time” to get stuff done. This week’s inspiration is one of those times. Holiday gift season is upon us. That’s right. It’s [...]

Easy Meals for Kids: White Bean Turkey Chili

Well, another Thanksgiving has come and gone! Need a way to use up the Thanksgiving turkey? Try this delicious White Bean Turkey Chili recipe. [amd-zlrecipe-recipe:1]  

Version 1.5 is Now Available

Sitter loves Facebook. Now you can link your Sitter and Facebook accounts. Don’t fret – we won’t post anything to Facebook on your behalf. That would be rude. Linking with your [...]

Be thankful for a garden hose

At Thanksgiving at my dad’s house, we have a tradition I’m sure is similar to a lot of other families. Before gorging on our Thanksgiving feast, we stand around the kitchen, hold hands, and we [...]

Dumpster-diving, pot-smoking babysitters, oh my

Dawn Brady is a fun-loving mother of three boys and blogger in Boulder, Colorado. This is her story of life before she discovered Sitter. For the past few years my husband and I have had the most [...]

Finding new babysitting jobs through friends

When you add your friends who babysit to the app, you can find new jobs by introducing yourself to their clients. First, you must connect with a friend. If you need help connecting with friends, [...]

Adding your friends who babysit

You can get introduced to new clients through your friends who babysit. That way, you’ll easily find new jobs for families you can trust. You can add your friends who babysit two ways: [...]

Should you give a gift to your babysitter for the holidays?

If you use your sitter on a regular basis then yes you should give them a holiday gift. Cash equivalent to a night’s pay plus a small, handmade gift from your child would be very much [...]

Free National Park Passes

Hey Parents! Do you have a 4th grader? Do you feel like they have been taking advantage of you for the last 9 or 10 years? Constantly asking for cheese sticks and a trampoline but grumbling when [...]

How to start a babysitters club using Sitter

The Sitter app is a great way for teens or college students to manage and start their own babysitters club! Now, you can be the go-to babysitter for the neighborhood! Parents will be so impressed [...]

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