Should I leave my baby with a babysitter?

Often new parents wonder, should I leave my baby with a babysitter? We’ve been in your shoes. You’ve been puked on, peed on, and you’re living in sweats. Despite all of that, you love your [...]

6 Tips for How to Keep a Good Babysitter

Sitter makes it super easy to build a team of sitters you trust but it’s also important that you know how to keep a good babysitter. The relationship between a sitter and child is as [...]

What should I pay my babysitter?

Babysitting rates vary based on where you live, how much experience your babysitter has, and how many kids they are watching. The average babysitting rate across the nation is $13.50. Here are [...]

Leaving Baby with Sitter for First Time

At Sitter, we know that leaving your baby with a sitter for first time, whether you’re leaving them with Grandma or a trusted babysitter, can be emotional.The key to making it easier is [...]

How to Check Babysitters’ References

Oh boy – you’ve found a potentially great babysitter and now you need to check the babysitter’s references! If you found the sitter through a friend, then it’s easy! You [...]

Sitter Spotlight: Xza At MommyCon

Remember in 5th grade when you and your BFF decided to make it official with a BFF necklace? The one that was shaped like a heart cut in two, each of you wore a half? If we were back in 5th [...]

Top 10 Reasons Parents Used Sitter This Week

Here is a collection of some of the best ways kids tried to push their parents over the edge this week. Luckily all these parents have Sitter and were able to escape for a few hours and come back [...]

Date Night Inspiration: 80’s Night At The Roller Rink

Last week, we brought you The Secret Life Of A Wannabe Roller Derby Mom. So, we think it’s  fitting that we follow that up with a Throwback Thursday date night idea that involves dusting [...]

Tip Tuesday: Babysitting Tips With Brana

Best Babysitter Interview Questions You Need to Ask

If you didn’t meet your babysitter through a friend, then you need to know the best babysitter interview questions so you make sure you get a sitter you can trust. If you’re an [...]

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