5 Ways To Create A Magical Holiday!

All aboard the crazy train, once you board there are very few stops between now and New Years! At Sitter, we recognize that the month between Thanksgiving & The New Year is chaotic enough to [...]

Brilliant Date Night Ideas & Taking Advantage Of Relatives: A Recipe For Holiday Success!

We realized, too many people look at the long holiday weekend the wrong way! It’s easy to get caught up in the: my family is more insane than your family, competitiveness of the holiday [...]

Food & Nutrition For Babies

“Don’t you hate when your parents say stop playing with your food.  For the first two years, you made me think it was an airplane.” ~unknown   Although the source of the quote above is [...]

Ditch The Mundane, Sitter has 5 Unique Ideas For Girls’ Night!

Hey Mamas! Guess what, at Sitter, we have made it so simple to book a babysitter that we left you with virtually no excuses to stay home in your comfy sweats! Round up your BFF’s and get ready [...]