Finding a Sitter on Labor Day Weekend

Ah, Labor Day weekend. It’s typically a weekend jam-packed with barbecues, swimming, and time with friends and family. You’re off work and the kids are off school for three days, and you really [...]

Park Safety for Babysitters

With summer winding down into autumn, you and the littles you watch will desperately want to enjoy the final few days of nice weather by spending time outside—specifically, at the park. [...]

Tech We Love: Little Hoots

I used to simply write down the funny or endearing things my kids said. Whether I used the pre-installed Notes app on my phone or took out a pen and a piece of paper, but something about that [...]

Activities to Keep You Busy All Summer Long

As summer draws to a close, things will probably start to slow down with the kids’ schedules. As a summer babysitter, it can be tough to come up with ways to combat the summertime blues. Here at [...]

5 Things That Drive Your Babysitter Crazy

The most important quality a sitter can have is infinite patience, especially with children. That said, there are a few things that drive them crazy and can put a strain on your relationship with [...]

Sitter’s Summer Babysitting Packing List

It can be a little overwhelming the first few times you pack a bag for a day out with the kiddos that you’re watching. Here at Sitter, we want to alleviate some of that stress for our [...]

How to Choose a Profile Picture

Creating your Sitter profile is extremely important. Keep in mind you are applying on babysitting jobs, therefore, your profile should reflect your best self. Truthfully, you are more likely to [...]

Pool Safety for Babysitters

As a seasoned babysitter and a former lifeguard, I’ve taken kiddos to the pool countless times. Going to the pool is one of the best summer activities you can do. It’s an awesome way to work out [...]

5 Things Your Babysitter Needs to Know

Before you head out for the evening, there are quite a few questions your sitter may (or may not) ask. Occasionally, they’ll forget they even have a question because they are so eager to hangout [...]

How to Set a Schedule as a Babysitter

When summer comes around, parents are faced with maintaining their busy schedules without the constant support of school to keep their kids busy. This is where you come in as the summer sitter or [...]

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