Is there a fee to use Sitter?

Great news! Your membership with your nanny agency includes your Sitter Premium membership! As long as you’re a member of the agency, you have access to all of Sitter’s premium [...]

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What if I have to cancel a booking?

To cancel a booking, go to My Bookings and tap on the booking you need to cancel. Tap “Cancel Booking” then add your reason for canceling. A message will be sent to the sitter(s) and [...]

What if I confirm a booking, but need to cancel?

You can cancel a booking by going to My Bookings, selecting the booking, and tapping Cancel Booking. Enter a reason why you’re canceling and confirm. The parent will be notified that [...]

Bedtime Stories You Won’t Fall Asleep Reading

Celebrate National Author’s Day with one of Sitter’s favorite bedtime stories. The research is staggering! Science tells us the single most important thing we can do to determine our [...]

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What do the background check statuses mean?

There are three possible results of a background check: Passed Passed with Exceptions Failed Passed: Report is complete and does not contain adverse information on any of the screenings. Passed [...]