Beyond Babysitting – 5 Ways A Babysitter Can Save Your Sanity

As parents, it’s natural to wish for more hours in the day. It’s often the “tasks” that keep us from spending the quality time we crave with our children. Over and over [...]

Sitter’s Top 4 Holiday Escapes

Was Thanksgiving with your extended family filled with more drama than the Kardashians? Are you anxiety-ridden thinking about spending another holiday with all the family expectations?  If you [...]

5 Ways To Create A Magical Holiday!

All aboard the crazy train, once you board there are very few stops between now and New Years! At Sitter, we recognize that the month between Thanksgiving & The New Year is chaotic enough to [...]

Brilliant Date Night Ideas & Taking Advantage Of Relatives: A Recipe For Holiday Success!

We realized, too many people look at the long holiday weekend the wrong way! It’s easy to get caught up in the: my family is more insane than your family, competitiveness of the holiday [...]

Food & Nutrition For Babies

“Don’t you hate when your parents say stop playing with your food.  For the first two years, you made me think it was an airplane.” ~unknown   Although the source of the quote above is [...]

Ditch The Mundane, Sitter has 5 Unique Ideas For Girls’ Night!

Hey Mamas! Guess what, at Sitter, we have made it so simple to book a babysitter that we left you with virtually no excuses to stay home in your comfy sweats! Round up your BFF’s and get ready [...]

Finding a Sitter on Labor Day Weekend

Ah, Labor Day weekend. It’s typically a weekend jam-packed with barbecues, swimming, and time with friends and family. You’re off work and the kids are off school for three days, and you really [...]

Park Safety for Babysitters

With summer winding down into autumn, you and the littles you watch will desperately want to enjoy the final few days of nice weather by spending time outside—specifically, at the park. [...]

Tech We Love: Little Hoots

I used to simply write down the funny or endearing things my kids said. Whether I used the pre-installed Notes app on my phone or took out a pen and a piece of paper, but something about that [...]

Activities to Keep You Busy All Summer Long

As summer draws to a close, things will probably start to slow down with the kids’ schedules. As a summer babysitter, it can be tough to come up with ways to combat the summertime blues. Here at [...]

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