The Sitter App On the Job

For babysitters, the Sitter app not only helps you find babysitting jobs, it can make your life a lot easier as a babysitter too! Here are some helpful tips: GET DIRECTIONS With Sitter, you can [...]

Responding to a babysitting job

With Sitter, parents can send a job request out to all of their babysitters at once. The first to accept gets the job! As a parent, scheduling a babysitter when they need one can be a huge [...]

Why do I have to chat? Why can’t I just get a babysitter’s or parent’s contact info?

Out of concern for the babysitter’s and parent’s privacy, we don’t release contact information until both parties accept a connection request. We offer in-app chat as a way for [...]

How do I chat with babysitters or families?

With Sitter, you can use in-app chat to talk to families or babysitters before you share your contact information. It’s a wonderful way to get to know someone before taking your [...]

Finding new babysitting jobs through friends

When you add your friends who babysit to the app, you can find new jobs by introducing yourself to their clients. First, you must connect with a friend. If you need help connecting with friends, [...]

Adding your friends who babysit

You can get introduced to new clients through your friends who babysit. That way, you’ll easily find new jobs for families you can trust. You can add your friends who babysit two ways: [...]

How to start a babysitters club using Sitter

The Sitter app is a great way for teens or college students to manage and start their own babysitters club! Now, you can be the go-to babysitter for the neighborhood! Parents will be so impressed [...]

How do I get started as a babysitter?

As a babysitter, Sitter will help you get more business, keep track of all your bookings, and get paid to babysit by combining every aspect into one convenient place – your phone! Getting [...]

Can new families find me like or is this only useful if I already babysit?

As a babysitter, you have two ways to find new babysitting jobs: find babysitting jobs through friends or find families near you. If you’re connected to families or friends who babysit, [...]

Can I send a job request to a family looking for a babysitter?

You can definitely contact families looking for a babysitter but our model is based on relationships, not specific jobs. You’ll introduce yourself to families in your network or area and [...]

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