Why do I have to chat? Why can’t I just get a babysitter’s or parent’s contact info?

Out of concern for the babysitter’s and parent’s privacy, we don’t release contact information until both parties accept a connection request. We offer in-app chat as a way for [...]

How do I chat with babysitters or families?

With Sitter, you can use in-app chat to talk to families or babysitters before you share your contact information. It’s a wonderful way to get to know someone before taking your [...]

Why do you require parents have a profile to see local sitters?

For one, it helps make sure that you’re only contacted by sitters that meet your basic needs – otherwise, it wastes your time. But it’s also for safety and trust reasons. Some [...]

Find babysitters in your neighborhood

Sitter lets you find babysitters in your network and in your neighborhood! Sitters and parents in a neighborhood can connect and meet each other in a more private way than your standard listing [...]

Setting Up Your Parent Profile

To complete your profile, go to your Profile by tapping your name at the top of the main menu. As a parent, you can complete your profile with information helpful when you’re looking to [...]

Should I leave my baby with a babysitter?

Often new parents wonder, should I leave my baby with a babysitter? We’ve been in your shoes. You’ve been puked on, peed on, and you’re living in sweats. Despite all of that, you love your [...]

What should I pay my babysitter?

Babysitting rates vary based on where you live, how much experience your babysitter has, and how many kids they are watching. The average babysitting rate across the nation is $13.50. Here are [...]

Should you give a gift to your babysitter for the holidays?

If you use your sitter on a regular basis then yes you should give them a holiday gift. Cash equivalent to a night’s pay plus a small, handmade gift from your child would be very much [...]

Do you provide babysitters?

We don’t provide babysitters. But, we provide you two ways to quickly and easily find babysitters. Find Babysitters Through Friends Connect with friends and create a team of sitters that [...]

I invited my friends but they haven’t joined yet.

As you probably know, parents are very busy people. When you send an invitation to a friend, we will send them a text message informing them that you would like them to join you on the app. [...]

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