Beyond Babysitting – 5 Ways A Babysitter Can Save Your Sanity

As parents, it’s natural to wish for more hours in the day. It’s often the “tasks” that keep us from spending the quality time we crave with our children. Over and over [...]

5 Ways To Create A Magical Holiday!

All aboard the crazy train, once you board there are very few stops between now and New Years! At Sitter, we recognize that the month between Thanksgiving & The New Year is chaotic enough to [...]

Ditch The Mundane, Sitter has 5 Unique Ideas For Girls’ Night!

Hey Mamas! Guess what, at Sitter, we have made it so simple to book a babysitter that we left you with virtually no excuses to stay home in your comfy sweats! Round up your BFF’s and get ready [...]

Bedtime Stories You Won’t Fall Asleep Reading

Celebrate National Author’s Day with one of Sitter’s favorite bedtime stories. The research is staggering! Science tells us the single most important thing we can do to determine our [...]

9 Ironclad Reasons Why Raising Kids Is More Terrifying Than A Stephen King Novel

Brilliant secret to get a trusted babysitter when you need one

Stop and think about all the times as a parent when childcare (or lack thereof) has impacted your life. When you add it up, it probably has a bigger impact on your life than anything else you [...]

No Love Notes This Year

At Sitter, our littles went back to school this week. If we are honest, we may have had a bit of a skip in our step as they walked into the classroom. Of course, that skip in our step was because [...]

Is a babysitter an employee?

IRS Definition of a Household Employee Is a babysitter an employee? According to Alina Wussow, Co-Founder and President of Poppins Payroll, a provider of household employee payroll and tax [...]

The Best Parenting Advice Ever

The best parenting advice isn’t always what you would expect. In the first few months after my first son was born, I couldn’t imagine leaving him with anyone. Despite the sleepless [...]

5 Reasons Parents Need to Use a Babysitter

Parents seem to have a lot of excuses for why they don’t use a babysitter, but every parent should use a babysitter. We know it’s excruciatingly painful the first couple of times you [...]

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