Brilliant Date Night Ideas & Taking Advantage Of Relatives: A Recipe For Holiday Success!

We realized, too many people look at the long holiday weekend the wrong way! It’s easy to get caught up in the: my family is more insane than your family, competitiveness of the holiday [...]

When It’s Ok to Talk About Your Kids on Date Night

Once you have kids you start to hear how important it is for you to take time to connect as a couple – make sure you don’t loose that spark. Totally true. One thing all the experts [...]

Married with Kids: 6 Simple Ways to Improve Your Marriage Immediately

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8 Signs You Might Need A Date Night

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7 Stages Of Date Night

At Sitter, we’re always thinking about how to make “me time” more enjoyable and more of a reality for parents. To do this, we must have a deep understanding of parent emotions. So, we wanted to [...]

Date Night Inspiration: 80’s Night At The Roller Rink

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Conversations that Don’t Involve Poop

Poop. Poop. Poop. Poop. Poop. I hate that word. It just conjures up so many gross images in my mind. Yet, when you become a parent, for some reason, it re-enters your vocabulary for the first [...]