Sitter for Android is Now Available

Android is Here The day has arrived. Sitter is now on Android. Therefore this haiku.   We love you, Android. Welcome to the party. Sitter is available for download in the Google Play store! [...]

Sitter Version 1.3 is here!

Sitter Version 1.3 is here! We know you’ve been waiting for it…. push notifications! Download the latest version of the Sitter app in the iTunes store and be sure to enable push [...]

Using Sitter’s Booking Notes

With Sitter, you can include notes with any booking. You can use the field for outlining school pickup instructions, entering the kids schedule for the day (i.e. soccer practice at 3pm), setting [...]

Sitter App Version 1.2: Hide-a-Sitter and Other New Features

Hear ye! Hear ye! Listen well, my good ladies and gentlemen! (Now abandoning the olde English language…that is ridiculously overcomplicated.) Sitter App version 1.2 is now available in the [...]

How to Book a Babysitter with the Sitter App

Raise your hand if this conversation has happened in your household: Your Partner: “Honey! We could use a date night. That awesome ’80s cover band is playing over at that cool, hip [...]