At Sitter, we believe that everyone should be able to get a trusted sitter when they need one. We pride ourselves on being open, honest, and affordable.

Use Sitter for FREE to schedule the sitters you already love and trust! Upgrade to premium to find new babysitters or pay your sitter without a convenience fee. Choose the plan that’s right for you.


  • Unlimited Bookings
  • Unlimited Sitters
  • View Sitter Profiles
  • Convenience Fee
  • Easily Cancel Any Time
  • “Get One, Give One” Program
    • 10%
    $4.99 MO
    • 4.9%
    $79.99 YR
    • 0%
    • Pay Sitters For Free!

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We try to live by the Golden Rule. We hate when companies make it hard to cancel a plan so we refuse to do that to you! Easily cancel any time directly in the app.


At Sitter, we’re out to change the world. Our mission is to make it ridiculously easy for parents everywhere to get a sitter when they need one. Access to childcare is essential – whether you need a sitter to get to work, a doctor’s appointment, or a little rejuvenation.

For some parents, their livelihood depends on their ability to get trusted childcare. Miss a shift, lose your job.

To help these parents, for every annual premium membership purchased, we’ll provide a membership to a parent in need. We all live in this world together. Let’s help each other.


We take every dollar we earn seriously and put it directly back into our mission. Here’s where your money goes. (And, no, it’s definitely not bean bags and ping pong tables.)

  • Credit card fees and bank fees. We get charged a fee every time we process a credit card and deposit money in a sitter’s bank account.
  • Servers. Secure server farms are needed to store all the data. No horses or cows on this farm.
  • Text and email messaging. No unlimited text plans or free email here! We get charged for every text and email sent.
  • Salaries. Yep, we have bills and mortgage payments, too.
  • Advertising. We need to spread the word! We can’t help parents find sitters if they don’t know about us.

Join thousands of parents across the country who rely on Sitter.